Communication Address Change - Multiple Companies

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CAS 360 gives users the ability to prepare Communication Address Changes across multiple companies from a single screen.



From the Main Toolbar, go to Multiple.




Select Communication Address Change

CAS 360 will display the Company Address for Communication Change screen.
Company Select the Company
New Address

In the New Address field, begin typing the new Address. CAS 360 will begin searching the Global Address screen for the Address. If the Address has not been previously added to the Global Addresses screen,  will appear.

Click  to add a new Address.

Resolution Date Effective Date of Change


Apply change to other Company Addresses Select if you wish to also apply this address change to the company's Meeting Address
Apply Change where Companies Address for Communication is the same? Select if you wish to also update the new address for any other companies with the same Address for Communication

Click .

Forms Prepared

CAS 360 allows users to prepare forms for the changes made from the Multiple Changes screen by selecting  mceclip0.png.

The Document Production screen will display and users can select the documents required: 

  • Cover Letter
  • Company Change Summary
  • Directors Meeting Minute or Resolution
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