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The Companies Register must hold up to date addresses for your company's:

  • registered office
  • address for service, and
  • address for communication.

The address for service must be a physical address — not a PO Box or a DX service

According to the Companies Act 1993 section 192:

  1. A company must have an address for service in New Zealand.
  2. The address for service may be the company’s registered office or another place, but it must not be at a postal centre or document exchange.
  3. The description of the address for service must state that it is at the registered office of the company, or if it is at another place, must—
    1.  state the address of that place and;
    2.  if the address for service is at the offices of any firm of accountants, barristers and solicitors, or any other person, state— 
      • that the address for service of the company is at the offices of that firm or person;
      • and particulars of the location in any building of those offices
    3.  if the address for service is not at the offices of any such firm or person but is located in a building occupied by persons other than the company, state particulars of its location in the building.

You must notify the Companies Office at least 5 working days before a change of the address for service of a company is due to take effect.


From the Main Toolbar, go to Company.

Select the Company from the list.

Select Addresses

Select Address for Service.


CAS 360 will display the Address for Service screen.

Field Explanation
New Address

In the New Address field, begin typing the new Address. CAS 360 will begin searching the Global Address screen for the Address. If the Address has not been previously added to the Global addresses screen, will appear.

Click  to add a new Address.

Effective Date The date of the address change. The effective date must be at least 5 working days in the future.
Also Apply Address changes to: Select 1.png if you want the address change to apply to Address for Communication and Meeting Address.

Click mceclip0.png

Forms Prepared

CAS 360 will prepare and display the following in the Document Production screen:

  • Cover Letter
  • Company Change Summary
  • Directors Minutes or Resolution

To access the Document Production screen, select Prepare Forms from the bottom right of the screen.


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