Document Production

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Once Company Changes have been made, CAS 360 users are able to proceed to the Document Production screen to prepare documents.


Document Production is where users are able to:

  • See a list of all changes that are being made
  • Preview the Document Suite
  • View and change all document options
  • Select which documents to prepare and where the documents will be delivered.


Changes Selected

The left-hand column of the Document Production screen will outline all the company changes CAS 360 will prepare in the current set of documents.


CAS 360 will outline details such as the date of the change, contacts involved in the change and even where foreign currency has been used.

Users can remove company changes from the document production screen by clicking  

Reorder Documents

The order of documents can be easily changed

Simply drag and drop the documents in the desired order.

Forms to Prepare

CAS 360 will automatically select the required documents for the selected changes.

Users are able to select or deselect documents at will by clicking the switch icon.

To preview a document, click the document name.

Select  to change any of the document settings. Different options will appear in relation to the type of document it is.


Send to

Select any contact from the Global list of contacts in CAS 360 to email the set of documents to. CAS 360 will automatically send the documents to the selected contact(s) via email.

Multiple contacts are able to be selected.

Users can view all sent emails from the Messages screen

Set the email sender name and reply-to address for emails sent from CAS360 with the Email Settings Screen.



CAS 360 will automatically email the chosen documents to the Contact appearing under Send to



Allows users to download the chosen documents into a single PDF file.

Screen_Shot_2019-06-27_at_12.38.36_pm.png Upload a file from outside of CAS 360 to be included as part of the Forms to prepare
Screen_Shot_2019-06-27_at_12.39.46_pm.png Close the Document Production Screen


Automated Document Reminders

When preparing documents in the Document Production screen, simply click Screen_Shot_2019-06-26_at_4.08.56_pm__1_.png beside Download All or Send All and select Set-up automatic document reminders.



See Automated Document Reminders for more information

Document Templates

Select which templates to use for the set of documents.

The menu will display a list of Company Labels which have been attached to any uploaded document template.

See Document Templates for more information.

Add Company Contacts

After sending your documents, you have the option to add the email contacts you have entered as your default company contacts.

These defaults contacts will then be saved under General Details | Company Contacts.

For example, 

Select another contact into the Client Emails field.


After you select Send All and Send the documents, the following screen will display for you to add these contacts as your default contacts if they have not been added already.

If you select Save, these contacts will be added as Signing Contacts under General Details | Company Contacts.

Next time you prepare documents that require a signature, these contacts will be selected by default.

You can have multiple contacts for the same contact type.

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