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Once the Company is selected, the first screen users will see is the General Details screen. This screen contains basic company details such as the Registered Agent, important dates, the Company Status, Type, Class and Sub Class.

From the Main Toolbar, go to Company.

Select the Company from the list.

Select General Details

General Details live check

Every time users access the General Details screen, CAS 360 checks these details against the Companies Office database.


If there are any mismatches, CAS 360 will display the message below: 


To investigate the mismatches, click 


CAS 360 will display a popup module displaying the mismatch.


To instantly update the company information in CAS 360, Click Import


Company Info

Field Explanation
Company Name Name of the Company
Company Number Reference number issued by Companies Office. This number can be found on Company statements and is issued at company registration. The Company Number can be found by searching Here

A New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a unique 13 digit Global Location Number (GLN) assigned to businesses and other entities in New Zealand and usable worldwide. Use of NZBNs is expected to transform how businesses share key information and interact with the Government and with each other. Search for your NZBN Here 

Authorised Account

 The Authorised Online Service account for the company. See Setting up and adding your Online Services account

Company Contacts

Clickto select company contacts.

The following company contacts can be added:

Contact Usage
Signing Contact This will be used as the default recipient for ALL documents requiring a signature.

Company Contact

This is used to store the contact information for your company's point of contact.

Billing Contact

This will be used as the default recipient for all billing-related information such as sending Debt Reminders


Select the Partner.
Manager Select the Manager.
Email Add the Email Address of the Company. 
Contact Number Add the Contact Number of the Company. 

You are able to update these contacts in the Document Production screen and when sending Alerts.

Company Dates

Field Explanation
Incorporation Date The date the company was incorporated
Annual Return Month Every company has an Annual Return Month, usually the anniversary month of its registration date.
Annual Return Last Filed The last month that the Annual Return was filed. 
Next AGM Date Date of the next Annual General Meeting
Last AGM Date Date of the last Annual General Meeting
Constitution issued date Date Company Constitution was issued
Constitution Updated date Date Company Constitution was updated

Company Status

Field Explanation
Status Select between Operating, Deregistered, Pending deregistration, Liquidation or Dormant.
Status date Initial date of the Current Status.
Company Type Types of companies include Public Company, Foreign, Private Company - Qualifying, Private Company - Non-Qualifying, Co-Operative Company and Small Proprietary. 

Company Constitution 

   Field                                                       Explanation
Constitution Filed Clicking the toggle on and off will indicate whether the Company has filed the Company Constitution. This will appear on the Annual Return.


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