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Once you have logged into CAS 360, you will be automatically directed to the Company Selection screen. This screen contains a list of all the companies created within your firm. Select a company to access it.

The Company Selection screen contains the following features: 

Select a Company

To select a company, simply click on the company name.

This will allow you to enter the following company information:

  • General Details
  • Addresses
  • Officers
  • Shareholders
  • Company Info
  • Relationships 
  • Company Documents

Add Company

To add in a new company to CAS 360, Click:



Additional Options

Under the Options column (far right-hand side of the screen) select for a particular company to:

  • Edit the company
  • Delete the company
  • Prepare a Company Report


Users are able to add important information to the Company notes section.

To add a note, clickScreen_Shot_2018-12-13_at_4.14.52_pm.png beside the company

(The icon will display if a note has been previously entered for the company)

In the text, field users can create a company note:


Company notes are saved automatically when a note is entered. Click  to delete a note.

Users can add additional notes by clicking 


To exit out from the company note section, click



Agent Forms

Agent Forms are now prepared directly through the Company Selection screen.

will allow CAS 360 users to easily prepare the required documents.


CAS 360 will revolutionise the way you work, in fact, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Simplify your life with automated Annual Returns, Company Health Check and AML Checks.

With CAS 360 you no longer need to manage extensive spreadsheets or spend the entire day going through and processing emails instead of focusing on managing your corporate affairs. CAS 360 will simply automate all of this for you.


 In CAS 360 each company can have multiple labels. This allows for greater reporting across companies and is also a key aspect of user rights and document templates in CAS 360.

Annual Return Month

The Annual Return Month is the anniversary month of the company registration date, however, the review date can be changed under certain circumstances.

See Annual Return.

Show Current Companies Only

Flag the Current companies option  to display all companies excluding those that have been deregistered or flagged as non-current.


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