Companies Office Electronic Filing

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CAS 360 makes filing company changes with Companies Office easier than ever before. We have combined the Document Tracking, Document Management and Electronic Filing Screens from CAS desktop into a single Document screen, allowing users to better manage forms and do more with far fewer clicks.

Setup your Online Service Account details 

From the Main Toolbar, go to Settings

Select Lodgement/Agent Settings



Multiple agents are supported by CAS 360 simply by selecting ADD Agent. Ensure you have the correct Agent attached to the company from the company's General Details screen.

See Setting up and adding your Online Services account for more information.

Attach your Online Service Account to the Company

From the Main Toolbar, go to Company.

Select the Company from the list.

Select General Details


Under Company Details, Select your account details in the Authorised Account field or click Screen_Shot_2019-11-12_at_3.45.43_pm.png to update the list of Authorised accounts for the selected company.

Prepare Company Changes

CAS 360 allows you to easily make company changes, have them sent paperless to your clients and then notify Companies Office through electronic filing.

See Company changes for a list of changes that can be processed in CAS 360.

Filing Documents to Companies Office

From the Main Toolbar, go to Documents

Changes that are enabled to be filed electronically via CAS 360, the Lodge button will appear.

To file company changes to Companies office, simply click:

A confirmation message will display to ensure users are not accidentally lodging the incorrect changes.

Users can proceed with the filing by clicking  or abort the filing by clicking .


Once the button is clicked, the button will change to Pending.

Once the lodgement is complete the lodge button will disappear and a Notification will confirm the lodgement.

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