Setting up and adding your Online Services account

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Creating an online services account with the Companies Register allows you to complete company changes through CAS 360.

How much? Setting up your Online Services account is free.

There are 2 steps to setting up an account:

  • Ensure you have a RealMe login
  • Choosing the type of account you need.

For more information and to create your online services account, see Setting up your online services account

Once you have your RealMe login details, these credentials must be entered into CAS 360 


Multiple agents are supported by CAS 360 simply by selecting ADD Agent. Users are able to add another agent from the Lodgement/Agent Settings Screen 


From the Main Toolbar, go to Settings

Select Lodgement/Agent Settings



The Add Registered Agent screen will appear


Select your Jurisdiction

Click Screen_Shot_2019-10-17_at_4.08.19_pm.png

Users will be directed to the RealMe Login page.


Enter your RealMe details and click Screen_Shot_2019-10-17_at_4.09.56_pm.png

RealMe will ask you to confirm permission for CAS 360 to access company information on the NZBN Register.


Click Screen_Shot_2019-10-17_at_4.10.49_pm.png to continue.

Users will be taken back to CAS 360.


Users will need to confirm their firm's details.

Agent/Organisation Name Name of the your firm
Address Address of the Registered Agent.

CAS 360 will begin searching the Global Address screen for the Address. If the Address has not been previously added to the Global Addresses screen,  will appear.

Click  to add a new Address.

User Name Point of contact for your firm
Agent Email The Agent's email address
Phone The telephone number of the Agent


Click Screen_Shot_2019-10-17_at_4.14.28_pm.png or Screen_Shot_2019-10-17_at_4.14.37_pm.png




Allows users to download the companies, that they have been given authorisation, into CAS 360.

See Importing Companies - Request Authorised Companies List 

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