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Labels in CAS 360

Labels are used in CAS 360 to group companies together for quick selection and reporting purposes. 

Some of the benefits of using labels are:

  • Quickly filter companies.
  • Ability to allocate and group companies.
  • Creating custom document templates. 

Attach a label to a company 

To add a label, beside the company, click into the label column.

Begin typing the label name.

If the label has been previously created, CAS 360 will display a list of previously created labels. If not, hit ENTER on your keyboard to save and create the new label. The company will now be attached to the label.

Remove a label from a company

From the Company selection screen, select into the label.

On your keyboard, press the BACKSPACE key to remove the label.

Delete a Label

From the Company Selection screen, under Advanced Filter, click the Label.

On your keyboard, press the BACKSPACE key to delete the label.

Manage Labels

Use the Manage Labels function to quickly add and remove labels from companies.

Click Manage Labels.

    1. Select the labels to attach or remove from your company list.


Click  to change a Label name

  1. Ticking companies from your company list will instantly attach the selected label.
    Unticking companies will remove the selected label from that company.
  2. Click  to confirm the Label changes.

Favourite labels

Users are able to favourite particular labels. Favouriting a label will ensure the label is automatically selected when accessing the Company Selection.

To Favorite a label, flag the  beside the label name.

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