Trust Beneficiaries

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When a Discretionary Trust has been set up in CAS 360 you will be able to add the Trust Beneficiaries

A trust beneficiary can be a person, a company or the trustee of another trust. Beneficiaries may have an entitlement to trust income or capital that is set out in the trust deed or they may acquire an entitlement because the trustee exercises a discretion to pay income or capital.



From the Main Toolbar, go to Trust


To create trust, see adding a trust for more information.

How to Add Trust Beneficiaries  

From the Trust Selection screen, search and select the Discretionary Trust.


Select the Beneficiaries tab and click  


Under Beneficiaries begin typing the name. CAS 360 will begin searching the Global Contact screen for the contact. If the contact has not been previously added to the Global Contact screen, Click  to add a new contact.

Date Commenced Date the Contact began being a Beneficiary for the trust
Date Ceased Date the Contact ceased being a Beneficiary for the trust
Click to add more beneficiaries
Bin  Click to Delete the Beneficiary.

Beneficiary Details

Screen_Shot_2020-12-08_at_2.30.06_pm.pngUnder the Beneficiary column, hover your cursor over the information icon 9.png. Users will be able to instantly see the Beneficiary:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Date of Birth

  • Place of Birth

  • Mobile Number

To edit any of these details, select


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