How to add relationships to a Trust

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Users are able to add multiple relationships to a Trust. This can be done from within the Trust. Users will first need to navigate to the Relationships tab. 


Multiple users can be added by clicking on the Add Relationship + button at the top left hand side of the Relationships screen. Multiple users will be listed sequentially within this screen once they are added.


Relationship Details

Screen_Shot_2020-12-08_at_2.33.55_pm.pngHover your cursor over the information icon 9.png. Users will be able to instantly see the Relationship's details, including the:

  • Address

  • Date of Birth/Date of Incorporation

  • Place of Birth/Place of Incorporation

  • Email

  • Mobile Number

To edit any of these details, select


Register of Trust Relationships

Check out the Register of Trust Relationships which can also be prepared from the Relationships tab.

In the Relationships tab, select Screen_Shot_2020-12-08_at_12.09.42_pm.png


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