Trust Documents

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The CAS 360 Trust Documents screen allows users to view all documents for a Trust.


 From the Main toolbar navigate to Trust

To select a Trust that has been previously set up in CAS 360, simply search and click on the Trust Name from the list.

Select Screen_Shot_2020-07-23_at_4.46.47_pm.png

Use the Search box to filter the Document screen.

CAS 360's enhanced search function in the documents screen allows users to be able to search for Documents by Document StatusDocument Type and even to search for text in the document's Changes Summary.

Upload Documents

Users are able to upload their own documents and save them into CAS 360.

To upload a document, select:

The Upload Document screen will display.

Field Description
Document Name Input a name for the document or document pack.
Document Status Select a status from the list.
Status Date Input the date for the status.
Document Date Input the date for the document.

Drag and drop the files you wish to upload.

Alternatively, select Browse and pick the document(s) you want to upload.


Press and hold the CRTL key on your keyboard and click on the files to select multiple documents at a time.

Field Description

Select Save to upload the selected documents.

Select Cancel to exit out the screen without saving.

Changes Summary 

Under the Changes column, users are able to quickly identify the number of changes contained in the set of documents. Users can hover over the changes to instantly view the details of the Trust changes.



Quick Status Change

Users are able to quickly and easily change the status of a document.

Click on the Document status field to change the document to a new status.

Click  to accept changes or  to ignore changes.


The Options menu provides users with a number of functions to manage company documents. These options are explained in more detail below:


The Edit option will display the Edit Document Details screen.

Field Explanation
Date of Document

Date the document was originally generated.

Note: Changing this date will not change the date on the document PDFs

Document Status

Helps users manage documents by indicating what stage the document is at. Select between:

  • Added from Migration
  • Document Prepared
  • Sent to Client
  • Signed by client
  • Lodged
  • Document Processed
  • Document Received
  • Lodgement Rejected
Latest Status Date
Date the current Document Status was selected.
ASIC Lodgement Fee
Any fee associated with the document. CAS 360 will automatically calculate the lodgement fee, including late lodgement penalties where the form was lodged late.
ASIC DocImage Number

The DOCIMAGE system is ASIC's database which contains all documents received by ASIC which are scanned and retained in an electronic form. Each document lodged with ASIC is given a DOCIMAGE Number. If documents are lodged electronically, CAS 360 records these numbers in the Documents Screen


The Attachments option allows users to view all the documents generated for the document. This may include meeting minutes, resolutions, share certificates.

Users are also able to upload external files to CAS 360 to attach to the document. Files may include client letters or other supporting documents.

You can either drag and drop documents or select browse for files and locate the additional documents you want to attach.

To view the attachments, hover your mouse over the document.

Icon Explanation
Delete an attachment. Attachments generated by CAS 360 or migrated from CAS desktop cannot be deleted.
Download a copy of the attachment to your computer
Instantly generate the attachment for you to view


Displays a Timeline of the document status such as the time and date of any status changes and the user that has changed the status.


Removes the document and its attachments from CAS 360.


Allows users to add new comments or view existing comments attached to a document.

 will appear beside documents with a comment. Users can hover over this icon to quickly view the comments made on documents.

Send From to Client

Allows users to send a copy of the document to one of the contacts from the Contacts screen.

Send Document Reminder

Users can send an email reminder to one of the contacts from the Contacts screen to review a document.

Document Alerts filter

The Documents screen also has a number of filters allowing users to easily see documents that need action. These filters include:

Document Alerts

View all Documents Display all documents in the documents screen
Overdue Documents Show documents that are now late where the late fee will apply

Due for Lodgement in 7 Days

Show documents which have within 7 days to be lodged before the late fee applies

Due for Lodgement within 14 days

Show documents which have within 14 days to be lodged before the late fee applies

Documents to be Lodged Shows documents which have the  button available

Documents Lodged

 Show only documents that have already been lodged
DocuSign - Signed by client Show only documents that have been signed by clients using DocuSign
DocuSign - Signed and not lodged Show only documents that have been signed by clients using DocuSign but have not been lodged

Awaiting Signature Filter

Incomplete Annual ReviewAnnual review documents which are using the Track the annual review via the document deadline alert feature

Sent to clients still require signing

Documents that have been Sent to clients

Sent to clients - DocuSign

Documents sent to clients to be signed with DocuSign



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