Trust import spreadsheet template

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Adding Trusts into CAS 360 has never been easier!

Introducing to you our new Trust Import Spreadsheet Template. This template allows you to quickly enter your trusts into CAS 360 with its straightforward and ease of use design.

And what's better, is the template can be found from your CAS 360.

 From the Main toolbar navigate to Trust


To add a Trust in CAS 360, Click:


and select Download Trust import template

CAS 360 will now download you a copy of the template.


In the template, simply enter trust details. You can enter the details for as many trusts as you want.

Also, don't miss the tabs at the bottom of the template.

You have the ability to add further trust information such as beneficiaries, unitholders and other trust relationships.


Once you have completed the spreadsheet, please Log a support call via CAS360 and attach the template. We will do the rest!!

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