How to file Annual Returns with CAS 360

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Annual Returns

An annual return is not a financial document — it's a record of publicly available information about a company that appears on the Companies Register. That information, which includes the company address and details of directors and shareholders, must be updated each year through an annual return.

The Annual Return for a company will need to be filed every 12 months. The company will be allocated a month which is usually the month of incorporation, the month allocated is when your annual return will be due each year. 

Where to begin?

From the Main Toolbar, Navigate to Returns.


Check your company information

Before filing your annual return, you may find it useful to review the current company information. When filing your Annual Return the following information needs to be confirmed or updated in CAS360:

  • Company addresses
  • Ultimate holding company
  • Directors' details
  • Shareholdings
  • Annual return information

CAS 360 has a unique function which can easily compare your CAS 360 data with the information from Companies Office and advise users of specific inaccuracies.

Click Screen_Shot_2019-11-13_at_4.13.14_pm.pngto display a Comparison report

The Comparison between CAS 360 and the Companies Office database will display Company DetailsAddresses, Officers, and Shareholders in its own section.


The numbers above each heading will outline how many mismatches there are between CAS 360 and Companies Office.

To view any issues, click on the appropriate heading

Any inaccuracies between CAS 360 and Companies Office will display with an  beside the status column and will also be highlighted in RED.  

Prepare Documents

Beside the Company, click image2017-1-23_15_0_3.png

Note: The comparison review does not need to be matching in order to prepare documents.

CAS 360 will help you to prepare the following reports:

Report Options

Cover Letter

  • Document Date: Update the declaration and signature date for the Cover Letter
  • Officer: Select the officer who the letter is addressed to.
  • Document Template: Switch between the customisable document templates.
Annual Return 
  • Document Date: Update the declaration and signature date for the Annual Return.
  • Form Signatory: Select the officer who will sign the Annual Return.
  • Document Template: Switch between the customisable document templates.

Solvency Resolution

  • Document Type: Select either a Resolution or Minute.
  • Resolution Date Options: Set a date options for a resolution.
  • Date Format: Select how the Document Date will display.
  • Document Date: Update the Declaration and Signature Date for the Solvency Resolution.
  • Document Template: Switch between the customisable document templates.
To prepare the Annual Return for filing select image2019-10-25_12-10-22.png

File the Return

From the Main Toolbar, Navigate to Documents.


Input your company name into the Document Search.

Locate the Annual Return and select 1 Change.


To file the Annual Return Select Lodge.


Once lodgement is successful CAS 360 will provide you with a Companies Office Lodgement Receipt.

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