Annual Returns

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The Annual Return screen in CAS 360 will help users best manage the annual return process:

How will I process my Annual Returns?


Annual Return Filters

The Annual Return screen also has a number of filters allowing users to easily sort the annual returns that need action. These filters include:

Comparison Report Status

Filter Explanation
Comparison Reports Passed Any Returns where the Companies Office database is matching the CAS database
Comparison Reports Failed

Any returns where the Companies Office database IS NOT matching the CAS database.

These companies will require further processing.

Label Filter

Filter Explanation
Labels Select label(s) to display only companies which have the Label attached

Auto Process?

Turning this option on will automate the Annual Return process even further.

With any annual return where the comparison has passed (where the Companies Office database is matching the CAS database), CAS 360 will automatically process the annual return and email the Annual Return Documents to the Company's Directors.

Column Headings

Use the column headings to sort the companies in the return screen (company name, company number, invoice amount & comparison result). Simply click on a Column Heading.


Comparison Review

The Companies Office must be checked for accuracy. 


If the data matches  will display.

If there are any inaccuracies  will display.

Click   or  to display a comparison.

Hover over the company's Comparison review to display the company's heath check results





Option Explanation
Export Comparison Report Prepare a printable version of the comparison review
Replace with Companies Office Data

Replace the company data in CAS 360 with data from the Companies Office

BGL recommend you use this option with extreme care as your entire history for this company will be deleted from CAS 360 and will be replaced with the balances from Companies Office.

Mark as Filed Remove the Annual Return from the Annual Return screen. The Annual Return Documents will be saved in the Document Screen.
Mark as Filing not required Remove the Annual Return from the Annual Return screen. The Annual Return Documents will be saved in the Document Screen.


Document Production

Select Prepare Documents to generate the following documents.

Document Details
Annual Return    
Solvency Resolution/Minutes

As part of the Annual Return process, the directors of the company are required to pass a Solvency Resolution.

  • Document Type - Select Minutes to prepare Solvency Minutes instead of a Solvency Resolution.
    If Minutes is selected, you will need to also select the following:
    • Chairperson
    • Address
    • Document Date
  • Export Document to Word
Cover Letter  A letter addressed to the Company Officer outlining the annual return requirements
  • Document Date - Input the signing date.
  • Officer - Select the officer who the cover letter is addressed to.
  • Document Template - Select the template you wish to use. This can be edited under Settings | Document Templates.
  • Export Document to Word

Uploading Documents

Select Upload to attach any additional document(s) if required, for example, an invoice or letter.

You can then download or email these document(s) as part of the document suite.

Reorder Documents

The order of documents can be easily changed.

Simply drag and drop the documents to the desired order.


Email Options

Select Send All to email the selected documents to the specified email addresses. You can input additional recipients in the box if required.

To use a different email template, select  and choose a different email template. Refer to Email Templates for more information on how to create your own email template.

The status of the Annual Company Statement will be updated from Document Received to Sent To Client in the Documents screen.

The Annual Company Statement will then be removed from the Annual Review screen.

Download Option

Select Download All to download the selected documents as a PDF.

The status of the Annual Return will also update in the document screen from Document Received to Document Processed.

The Annual Return will then be removed from the Annual Return screen.

Can I make particular documents selected as a default when preparing the annual reviews?

In document production, once Annual Return documents are sent out or downloaded, the documents selected will be automatically saved as the default setting. The next time Annual Return documents will need to be sent to downloaded, the document production screen will have selected the documents that were previously used. This default will be set until it is changed again.

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