Global Addresses

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The Global Addresses screen will list all addresses created in CAS 360 and addresses migrated from CAS desktop.

From the Main Toolbar, go to Contacts Screen_Shot_2019-06-27_at_12.57.37_pm.png
Select Global Contacts Screen_Shot_2019-08-19_at_3.40.32_pm.png

Add an Address

Select  to add in a new address to CAS 360.

Delete an Address

To delete an address from the Global Addresses:

Click  beside the address and select Delete.

Edit an Address

To edit an address name from the global addresses:

Click  beside the address and select Edit.

Change the address details and click


This process will not prepare any address change forms. This is for the purpose of changing the address in the CAS 360 database. To prepare address change forms, see Address Changes.

Use the Search box to locate an Address.


Address Usage Information 

When the In use by nn Records is hovered over, CAS 360 will display the companies, entities and contacts that this address is used for.


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