Global Contacts

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The Global Contacts screen in CAS 360 is a global database listing all contacts that have been added to CAS 360 or migrated from CAS Desktop.

You can add the following contacts to CAS 360:

  • Individual
  • Company
  • Joint Member
  • Other Entity
From the Main Toolbar, go to Contacts Screen_Shot_2019-06-27_at_12.57.37_pm.png
Select Global Contacts Screen_Shot_2019-06-27_at_12.58.01_pm.png

Add a Contact


to add in a new Contact to CAS 360.

When a contact is created, the contact types are represented by the following icons:

Icon Contact Type


Joint Member
Other Entity
Self Managed Superfund


Use the Search box to locate a contact

Find Matches

The Find Matches tool consolidates duplicate contacts.

Delete a Contact

To delete a contact from the global contacts:

Click  beside the contact.

From the options, select Delete


Edit Contact Details

To edit contact details, in the Global Contacts screen, select the contact name.

To add extra information for the contact, select

To edit existing information, click the information item

Click  to accept the change


The Relationship Tab will allow users to easily identify where a contact is being used across CAS360

This screen will show everything that the contact has been linked to. If the contact has an officeholding, shareholding or any other relationships with other companies.

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