Sign in with Xero

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BGL allows users to sign in to CAS 360 with their Xero account. It's simple and secure.

Sign in with Xero leverages security features including two-step authentication, anomalous login detection, email address verification and more.

  • If you have a Xero Account you can use it to log directly into CAS 360.
  • You must have been previously been invited to CAS 360.
  • Your Xero Account must use the same email address that has been previously invited to CAS 360

Computer (PC or MAC)

  1. Navigate to the CAS 360 Sign-in page
  2. Click Sign in with Xero.
  3. (Optional) Enter your Xero login details if you are not already logged in.
  4. You will need to grant permission to BGL on-screen. You will skip this step automatically the next time you sign-in.

Didn't work?

You must use the same email address to log in to both Xero and CAS 360.


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