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BGL empowers you to sign, send and manage your compliance documents anytime, anywhere, on any device

This article is a guide as to how to set up the integration for Digital Signing from within CAS 360. 

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Check that you have an Enterprise Account for Adobe Sign

Only enterprise account types for Adobe Sign are allowed to be used for BGL integration. Please note that the user needs to be an Admin User on Adobe to be able to activate the integration

To check whether you have an enterprise account for Adobe Sign:
Log into:
1. On the right-hand corner and select My Profile
2. Under Plan, it will be shown as Adobe Sign – Enterprise


If you log in and the screen looks similar like below, it is an individual account. This is not allowed to be
used with BGL integration.


Please be aware that for small business account types, it will also be displayed as Enterprise type. This is also not allowed to be used with BGL integration.

If you are not sure what type of account you have with Adobe Sign, please contact your Adobe Sign
account manager for further assistance.


Integration Guide

To set up the digital signing integration from within CAS 360, please take the following steps. 

1. Hover over the app switcher icon and select BGL API:



2. You will be directed to our BGL API Home screen. In the top right-hand corner, click on Integrations. 



3. From the integrations screen, select the Digital Signing tab


4. Under 'Digital Signing' click the gear icon in the AdobeSign app.


5. From within the Digital Signing tab, select Connect to Adobe Sign


6. You will be redirected to the AdobeSign website. Input your AdobeSign account email and place your mouse cursor and click on the password field.

Important: DO NOT click “Sign In” button on this page as it will take a few seconds and redirect you to another page after you enter your password.


You will see the following “..Please wait” page for a few seconds and redirect you to AdobeSign password credential screen.


If you do not see “…Please wait” on the page or you are not redirected to new AdobeSign login page, then enter the password and click on “Sign In” on the same page instead.

7. Input your AdobeSign account credentials password in this page and click Continue


8. If this is the first time you turn on the AdobeSign, you will see the following screen after clicking Continue. Please select Allow Access to continue the AdobeSign integration with BGL.


9. Once your details have been confirmed, you will be taken back to integrations screen. Within the integrations screen, the AdobeSign integration will be marked as Active, and the Adobe Sign integration will be complete. 



Additional Resources

- 4 step start up guide for VIP

- Managing Adobe Sign on the Admin Console

- Adobe Sign Quick Setup Guide

- How to Contact Support


Can a firm use both DocuSign and Adobe Sign at the same time?

No, currently BGL only supports a firm using one signing provider.


My firm uses Xero for signing. Can I use my Xero credits with BGL?

No due to Adobe’s licensing.

  • Xero pre-purchases signing credits from Adobe (and are the licence holder) which they then on-sell to a firm.

  • For BGL’s client, the firm purchases a licence directly from Adobe and is the licence holder


Does each signatory need a separate email address?

When directors/trustees have the same email address, the digital signing will still be supported by CAS 360. The email address will receive separate emails which will be addressed to each director for signing.

However, for legal reasons, it is highly recommended to have separate email addresses. To meet the legal requirements of electronic signatures under the Electronic Transactions Act 1999, each signatory must be identified and the electronic signing process must confirm their intent to sign.

If trustees or directors of share an email account/address, it is difficult to confirm these requirements.

What happens if you have accidentally clicked on the “Sign In” button on the first page?

When you authenticate the Adobe Sign, DO NOT click the “Sign In” button on the first page as it will take a few seconds and redirect you to another page after you place your mouse cursor and click on the password field. (see step 6 above)

It will bring you to the Adobe Sign application page instead of back to the BGL integration page.

Please log out from the AdobeSign application. 

Adobe Sign authentication with BGL will be unsuccessful. You will need to re-login and re-authentication with BGL integration.

You are not able to sign the document if you are using the same email to do the authentication and you are the only signatory for the document. What happens if you have accidentally done this?

You will not be able to sign the document. Please re-create the document with a different email for the signer. This does not impact if there are 2 or more signers for the document. 

What is the workaround for this?

    1. For Gmail, you may use +1 for your signer email. e.g.
    2. For other email providers, please use other email address

Is there an expiration date for when the client needs to sign the document?

There is no expiration date. If a user wants to set an expiration date you can set one up via your AdobeSign account settings.


Can I get business or enterprise e-sign capabilities with Creative Cloud for enterprise?

No. Creative Cloud for enterprise plans includes Acrobat Pro DC, which includes e-sign capabilities for individual users only. These solutions are available separately in Adobe Document Cloud for business or enterprise plans. Contact Adobe Enterprise sales to learn more.

See also, Adobe Sign FAQ

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