People Group Report

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The People Group Report lists all the details of a person. The data listed includes:

  • Person details
  • Public company directorships
  • Officeholdings
  • Other Appointments/Positions
  • Shareholdings
  • Unitholdings,
  • Chargeholdings
  • Debentureholdings
  • Trusteeship, proprietorships
  • Business Name Agent
  • Officer Relationships


From the Main Toolbar, go to Reports

Select People Group Report.

CAS 360 will display the Report Settings screen.

Selecting a person

Select the person(s) to appear in the people group report by flagging the tick box 

Use the search field to filter the list of people

Field Explanation
Report Date

Date on the people group report. The date will also determine the people information to appear on the people group report.

Positions and Holdings Select Current to only display current postions and holdings. All will display all current and historical positions and holding

Show Company Numbers

Select  to display the company ACN beside each company name in the people group report


The People Group Report is able to be exported as a PDF and Word file.

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