Company Listing Report

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Prepare listing reports for all types of data maintained on the CAS 360 database using the built-in report filters.

Listings can be set based on:

  • The company name
  • Company number
  • Incorporation Date
  • Agent
  • Labels

The company listing will include other company information such as Client Number, Company Reference Number, if the company is a Current Client and Partner


From the Main Toolbar, navigate to Reports

Select Companies Listing.

CAS 360 will display the Report Settings screen.

Report Filters Explanation
Report Order

The order in which the companies will display in the report.

Annual Return Month

Filter the list of companies based on the annual return month set in General Details.


Filter the list of companies on the Agent selected for the company from the General Details screen

Report Date Set a Date to be displayed on the report. 
Company Status

Filter the list of companies based on the company statuses of Operating, Deregistered, Pending Deregistration, Liquidation, Dormant.

Click on a status to hide/display companies.

Select  Current Client Companies Only to only show companies marked as current. The Current Client setting is located under Company Info | Client Data.

Label Set a Company Label as a filter when preparing the Company Listing Report.

Click .

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