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Document Review has been designed to allow managers, partners or team leaders review a set of client documents to be sent to a client prior to dispatch. This feature is an extension of the Document Production process in CAS 360.  


Step Explanation
Complete a change to company's details Complete a change of details
Prepare documents in CAS 360 Prepare associated forms and minutes
Flag documents for review and User to review Prior to dispatch, flag the Document Review icon
Documents emailed to the reviewer CAS 360 will send the documents to only the reviewer.

The reviewer will accept the documents and they will be dispatched to the client for signing.

The reviewer may decline the documents and a Notification will be received in CAS 360. Documents will not be sent to the client.

CAS 360 Notifications CAS 360 will update all users of the acceptance/declining of documents produced via the Notification System.



In this example, we will complete a resignation of a Director of the company. Prior to the dispatch of documents, a reviewer will receive the documents and approve the changes. Post acceptance, these documents will be sent to the client.

From the Main Toolbar, go to Company.

Select the Company from the list.

Select Officers
CAS 360 will display a list of the company Officers.

Beside the Officer, change the status field from Appointed to Resigned.

Enter in the Ceased field the date the Officer has resigned.

To accept and save the change, under options, click  

The Print option  will be automatically flagged.

Click  to Prepare the forms and documents.

In the Document Production screen, select Flag documents to be reviewed?

Select a reviewer to send to (more than one can be selected). The reviewer drop-down list will display all CAS 360 Users of your firm.


The Reviewer must first be added as a User before they can be selected. 

Select Send All.

An email preview screen will appear. This email will be sent to the reviewer. Select Send.

The reviewer will receive an email with a link to login to CAS 360. This will direct them to the Document Review screen. After reviewing the documents they will select either Accept or Decline. If declined, the document will not be sent to the client and will remain in document production. Notes can be made by the reviewer to explain the reason for declining.

If accepted, the documents will be dispatched to the client for signing.

CAS 360 will display an update of acceptance or decline of documents for all users via the Notification System.

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