Multiple Changes

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The CAS 360 Multiple Changes screen gives users the ability to prepare documents for multiple companies where the same change or details apply.

The Multiple Changes screen can be accessed from the left-hand menu by clicking:

Add New Change

To process a change for multiple companies, select

Changes and documents that can be processed for multiple companies are:

  • Officer, Member and Contact Address Change (Multiple Companies)
  • Contact Name Change
  • Registered Address Changes
  • Officer Changes

To quickly reverse all the changes from the  Multiple Changes screen, click and select  Delete All Multi-Change Records.

Prepare a Combined Form

Select  beside 'Include other changes?'

This function will prepare a combined Form containing the address change and any other outstanding changes for the company.

The outstanding company changes are any changes with the Print Option () still on.

Hover your mouse over Changes to quickly view the outstanding changes for the company.

Click  to produce the combined Form.

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