Register or Trust Relationships

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The Register or Trust Relationships lists all the relationships added for a Trust.



From the Main Toolbar, go to Reports

Select Register or Trust Relationships.

CAS 360 will display the Report Settings screen.

Selecting a trust

Select the trust(s) to appear in the registerr by flagging the tick box

Use the search field to filter the list of trusts.

Field Explanation
Report Date

The date on the report. The date will also determine the relationship information to appear on the report.

Labels Set a Label as a filter for the trust list.
Show Historical Data
Select 153c10b51588de3b431be68917bfc3e03d49c4540f9624856924dbbf91855587.png to include previous relationships in the register
Select to combine multiple selected trusts registers as a single pdf. If not selected, CAS 360 will generate an individual pdf for each selected trust.


The Register of Trust Relationships is able to be exported as a PDF and Word file.


The register can also be prepared from the Trust Screen.

See How to add relationships to a Trust



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