Company Select Screen: Filter your columns

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In CAS 360, you are able to customise the columns of your company selection screen.

This quality of life improvement gives you control over the information you see in the company selection screen. And what's better is that these filters are user-specific. Meaning you can set up and use a filter set that is different from any other user to your CAS 360. 

Once in the company screen, select:


CAS 360 will now display the Company Selection Columns window.


Simply Toggle the filter you want to have displayed in the Company selection screen.

You can even reorder the filters. The top-down ordering of the filters in the Company Selection Columns window will correlate to the left-to-right order of the filters in the Company Selection Screen. To reorder your filters, simply drag the filter to your desired location.


Note: Up to 7 optional filters are able to be selected at once (this does not include the Company name, options and alerts filters)

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