How to edit/change an email template

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Email Notifications

Email notifications are generated by CAS 360 and sent to others to notify them of certain information, including:

  • Annual Return
  • Copy of the Electronically Signed Document
  • Digital Signing Annual Return
  • Digital Signing Documents Deadline Reminder
  • Digital Signing Documents Prepared
  • Document Deadline Reminders
  • Document Review
  • Documents Prepared

The Email Templates screen allows you to customise email notifications sent through CAS 360. Add your own text, images, logos and even videos to the emails that are sent from CAS 360.


You can set the email sender name and reply-to address for emails sent from CAS 360 through the Email Settings screen.

From the Main Toolbar, go to Settings

Select Email Templates



Select Your Jurisdiction 


Users have the ability to customise the email templates relative to your companies jurisdictions.


Select from a list of customisable templates to edit.

Simply click on a template to start editing.

Click Create New to create additional Email templates. Before CAS 360 sends an email, users are able to select the template to be used.

Once a template is selected, make the desired changes in the text field

To reset the template to the original version
To save the new template
To make the current template the default template to be sent from CAS 360. Users are able to quick select a different template before CAS 360 sends the email.
To update the template changes
Close the email template screen 


Users can edit and rename both Title and Subject fields


Modern and Classic Template

CAS 360 has released a new professional, clean and slick set of email templates. These new templates have been labeled as the Modern templates.

Lovers of the old templates need not worry. These templates are still here and have been labeled as the Classic templates.


Email Template Codes

CAS 360 can include codes in the email templates. These codes can be used when users wish to select a variable rather than a fixed item. For example, rather than creating an email with "2016" as the annual review year, "${AnnualReviewYear}" could be entered. CAS 360 will automatically insert the annual review year from the company details. See The CAS Dictionary for a list of these codes.

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