Members Register

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A Register which displays company shareholders (past or present).


From the Main Toolbar, navigate to Reports

Select Members Register.

CAS 360 will display the Report Filters screen.

Report Filters Explanation

Filter the list of companies on the Agent selected for the company from the General Details screen

Select All Agents.

Register Date Set a Date to be displayed on the report. Keep as Today's Date.
Register Specific Options

Select  beside each option to determine the information displayed in the report.

(Options include: Show Premiums Paid, Show Historical Data, Show in Date Order, Includes Notes and Only prepare top 20)

Number of decimal places for $ amounts

Select how many decimal places are share or unit register will show for amounts paid 

Register Name order

Select the Members Register to be in First Name, Surname or Surname, First Name order.  

Download Options Select  to display each company on its own separate PDF


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