SMS Templates

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From the Main Toolbar, go to Settings


Select SMS Templates



SMS Notifications


The SMS Templates screen allows you to customise SMS notifications sent through CAS 360.

SMS Template Filters

Select from a list of customisable templates to edit.

Simply click on a template to start editing.


Click Create New to create additional SMS templates.

Before CAS 360 sends an SMS, users are able to select the template to be used.

Once a template is selected, make the desired changes in the text field

a15a4a821e7b351dcc3a12e809e629a74a9f84e73c79cacfb87386cd1f4f8ca5.png To reset the template to the original version
d230d3d513e3e0a880382c40c069b34eb253600fb5a5044e43abf4df630a089b.png To save the new template
5ff55b64b9a408799b109ffc2fa4f96f5e36586745f2dc616de42e0c64c71816.png To make the current template the default template to be sent from CAS 360. Users are able to quickly select a different template before CAS 360 sends the email.
77360b5b3ce337a51525659a1b6c1e7130ef4783e0290928dfea3528602d0481.png To update the template changes
af09d112121356d52081efe82bcbb691183fdd6006c5a16f3734f9003336de47.png Close the email template screen 

SMS Template Codes

CAS 360 can include codes in the SMS templates. These codes can be used when users wish to select a variable rather than a fixed item. For example, rather than creating an email with "2016" as the annual review year, "${AnnualReviewYear}" could be entered. CAS 360 will automatically insert the annual review year from the company details. See SMS Template - CAS 360 Dictionary for a list of these codes.

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