SMS Messages

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The CAS 360 SMS screen stores all outgoing and incoming messages that have been sent from CAS 360. From this screen, you will be able to view, send and track the delivery of all SMS sent and received from CAS 360.

Navigate from the Main Toolbar, Select Messages
Select the SMS Messages.

From the SMS Messages screen, review the text history by selecting  

Review all messages, and if required send additional text messages by using the free-form text field.

When an SMS response is received, CAS 360 will alert the CAS 360 user with a notification.

Advanced Filter

The Advanced Filter allows you to refine your SMS Messages list on-screen through the following filters:

Filter Explanation
All Display all SMS Messages

Display all SMS Messages from today

This week

Display all SMS Messages from the last 7 days

This month

Display all SMS Messages from this month


Display all unopened SMS Messages

Sent by Me Display all SMS Messages sent by the current user
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