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CAS 360 allows you to edit and customise existing documents through the Document Templates.

The following is a list of Documents that you can customise using the templates:

  • Allotment Journal
  • Annual Return Cover Letter
  • Application for Shares
  • Company Change Summary
  • Consent to Act Letter
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Directors Minutes or Resolutions
  • Documents Prepared Cover Letter
  • Extensive Shareholding List
  • Members Consent
  • Members Minutes or Resolutions
  • Members Register
  • Notice of Members Meeting
  • Notices of Beneficial Ownership
  • Register of Officers
  • Resignation Letter
  • Share Certificate
  • Share Transfer Form
  • Solvency Resolution
  • Transfer Journal
From the Main Toolbar, go to Settings

Select Document Templates


Document Set Filter

In the Document Set Filter section, select a template to edit.

The search field can be used to locate templates.

To begin editing a template, select a template from the Document Set Filter section.

How to edit a template

Once a template is selected from the Document Set Filter, the CAS default template can be downloaded by clicking

and selecting Download.

This will download the template as a Microsoft Word document.

Templates used in CAS 360 are formatted using Microsoft Word.

To upload your custom template, click

and locate your template from your computer.

Users can attach a label to an uploaded template. When in the Document Production screen, you will then be able to select the document template to be used by selecting the label name.

See The CAS 360 Dictionary for all options you can use to customise your documents

Set a Default Template

Users are able to set a default template in the document template screen.

By setting a template as the Default, CAS 360 will have the template automatically selected in the Document Production screen.

Beside the document template, click  and select Set As Default.

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